Upcoming Events

Running of the leaves : November 13th

1st: Scootaloo/PeachiePie (Tie)
3rd: Applejack/RainbowDashie (Tie)
5th: CloudDancer
6th: DustyBristle
7th: NightCrash
8th: DeevFactor
9th: DrpyHooves
10th: RubyPinchy
11th: WilmaWisp
12th: SweetieBelle
13th: Braeburn
14th: TwilightSparkle
15th: Snips/Snails (Tie)
17th: CreamCake

Harvest Festival : November 24th
Bake delicious treats and savory meals and spend time with family and friends on this most wonderful of holidays!
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