Gender: Filly
Species: Pegasus
Shipping partners: Silent Sketch
Cutie mark: A bow and arrow

Private Life

Silver doesn't have much of a private life. Some of her history has been learned from others through alcohol and some periods of unhappiness. Generally she doesn't talk about her past much.

Public Life

Silver loves to bake, and when she does, it's usually cookies. She gives them out to anybody she sees when she makes them. She tends to be very friendly, but only after she's met the pony. When first meeting a new pony, she is very shy and timid, if the situation permits. She tries to make friends with everybody, and is a sort of wreck whenever something goes wrong in a friendship, and she tries to do everything she can to fix it. Sometimes, though, she just tries to hide her feelings from others.


She has a black hoodie she bought from Rarity, and she has a drawing of her given to her by Silent Sketch.


She is in a tentative relationship with Silent Sketch. Other than a now-dead interest in Katzz, she has not had any other relationships. She has found friends in Katzz and Wilma, and tends to spend most of her time with them. She is also friendly towards anyone who sits next to her in the club.

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