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>>==Keep up-to-date==
Visit MyLittleRP

>>====Getting started====
Double-click on this page or click on the **Edit** link in the page footer to get started. If you are not sure how a wiki works, you can check out the [[FormattingRules Wikka formatting guide]] and play in the SandBox.

>>====Some useful pages====
~-[[FormattingRules Wikka formatting guide]]
~-[[WikkaDocumentation Documentation]]
~-[[RecentChanges Recently modified pages]]
~-[[SysInfo System Information]]
~- [[Delete|If you want a page deleted]]

Greetings, friend. Welcome to the world of MyLittleRP! Please, enjoy your stay.
For more info please visit the [[FAQ]] page. Enjoy!
>>====Why the hell does MyLittleRP have a wiki?====
Because you role players like making overly
complicated and drama filled story lines.

So this was made so it is easier for people
to know what is going on in MyLittleRP.

[[GettingStarted|Getting Started]]
[[Plot|Oh so tasty PLOT]]
[[Dictionary|The Dictionary]]

You will find more useful pages in the [[CategoryWiki Wiki category]] or in the PageIndex.

[[ Old Wiki]]
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