Gender: Mare
Species: Unicorn
Eyes: Purple
Mane: Pink lace
Coat: White
Cutie mark: Three fleur-de-lises

Fleur De Lys is an elegant upper-class unicorn from Canterlot. She is a professional model and does everything she can to maintain her high-class persona, but does not let this


Fleur is a white unicorn. She is tall and slender, attributes that help her greatly in her chosen field. She has purple eyes and a pink lace mane and tail with lighter streaks in them. Her cutie mark is a triumverate of fleur-de-lises.

Private Life

As a model, much of Fleur's life is public. She lives in a luxurious home in Canterlot. Her parents (whom she calls her mumsy and pop-pop) live fairly close by, and while she finds them a bit odd and can sometimes be embarrassed of them, she loves them dearly.

Public Life

Fleur is very well-known in the Canterlot area for her modeling, although the ponies of Ponyville usually don't seem to recognize her fame, a fact that can occasionally irk her. She makes it a habit to visit Ten Drinks Later fairly often, despite how far it is from her home and her general disagreement with the type of music the club plays, because of the friends she has met there.


On the outside, Fleur is the epitome of class and grace. She speaks with a distinguished tone, carries herself with a poise worthy of her stature and profession, and generally puts on an air that could be defined by some as "haughty." She is very vain and aware of her beauty, and will not hesitate to accept compliments or pose to show herself off. Despite this all, however, she does not carry the stigma of the typical selfish upper-class archetype. Under her haughtiness, she has a kind interior. She does enjoy having fun (although she will often try to play it off or even deny it), and she very much appreciates all of the friends she has made.

Notable Relationships

Fleur has made many friends in Ponyville, despite not having many close acquaintances in Canterlot. She has been spending the most time with TinyTart, whom she met (like her other friends) at the club. The two became rather close rather quickly, and his charm gradually won her over. After a couple of dates, the two made their relationship official. Tiny has spent the holidays with her and even met her parents already, and she adores how real he is to her about his intentions. Their status is intentionally ambiguous at the moment for reasons beyond her control.

Fleur has also become rather friendly with a few other ponies. FyreFly and LightSpeed have become two of her closest friends, and she considers CoolBlue and SunsetBliss to be good friends as well. She also enjoys the company of Pinkamena and PinkiusPiecus, although their partying ways are sometimes a little much for her. She was quite uncomfortable with Katzz at first, but has come to accept his friendship.

Fleur has a strange relationship with Spitfire. On one hoof, she respects her for her status. On a second hoof, she is completely offended by her vulgarity. And on a third hoof, something about her behavior has proved to be intriguing. She can't quite place a hoof on what this means, but it's something.


Fleur possesses the usual telekinetic abilities that all unicorns possess, but outside of that, she has not displayed any other tricks. She is, however, quite a talented dancer.

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