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AR: Alternate Reality, a series of non-canon events in the RP recurring bi-weekly. Lasts for one day unless called early, and allows trollplayers free reign. Usually has a theme differentiating it from normal canon. Your characters are returned to wherever they were before the AR started at the end of it, as if that day never happened.


Canon: Generally meaning "Show Canon" when mentioned; it means things that are confirmed to be true or false directly from the show. You may also see someone say "personal canon", which means what that player chooses to acknowledge or ignore. There are three levels of canon in this RP: Normal canon (everyday life), Epic canon (See Epic Roleplay), and Troll canon (see Trollplayers). They do not interact for players who don't want them to.
CB: Carousel Boutique.


ED: Equestria Daily (sometimes abbreviated as 'EqD').
Epic Roleplay: Fighting and adventuring usually fall under this. Does not effect general canon if players don't want it to, and is not allowed in Ten Drinks Later or in Ponyville's Hospital. Generally is scheduled at midnight Pony time every day, and players will be informed ahead of time if it will start early on a certain day. Whenever scheduled, it is hosted by a GM, and separate from the normal timeline (You can be on an adventure in epic, but still roleplay in Ponyville with the same character in-between sessions.) There are also occasionally unscheduled epics, which may or may not be run by a GM. Equipment obtained in epic RP, such as weapons and magic bracelets, do not exist in normal RP.


IC: short for 'in character'; the normal chat, with no extra punctuation signifying it. Includes emotes (using /me) without a pair of parentheses surrounding them.


NB: a term coined by accident, this is now a common response to having been disconnected from the room momentarily, often by the fault of an internal error on Synchtube (commonly written in lowercase).


OC: short for 'original character', or a character not part of show canon.
OOC: short for 'out of character'; this chat is signified by a pair of parentheses surrounding it.


Page 83: a term often seen when time constraints become tight or when outside of designated explicit hours used to signify 'shipping' (see below).


Retcon: the act of permanently striking a statement or character action, often one made jokingly or accidentally, from the logs and other characters' memories.
Retcon Joke: An action made with the purpose of being retconned. The point of these is to be amusing. Just killing or shipping characters in this way is not particularly amusing. Try to be original, and use them sparingly if at all.
RP: short for 'roleplay'.


SAA: Sweet Apple Acres.
SCC: Sugarcube Corner.
Ship: derived from the word 'relationship', this is where two (or more) characters engage in sexual relations.


Trollplay: defined as "random acts of silly." These include characters like Billy Mays, The Grimace, and Vince Offer. They are not bound by most of the above rules, as they are not canon characters. As trollplayers, the character and their actions may be ignored by the more serious roleplayers. Trollplay characters are still required to not fuck children or play as alicorns, but they may introduce some random technology items for humor's sake. EX: Dumb Fabric, Oxiclean, Life Alert. Items received in this fashion will most likely be ignored by non-trollplay characters.

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