Gender: Mare
Species: Unicorn
Eyes: Green
Mane: Red and orange
Tail: Blue and purple
Coat: Pale yellow
Cutie mark: A painter's palette

Chroma Splash is an eccentric young unicorn. She hails from Cantalonia, but currently resides in Canterlot. Her passion is art, and while she may be a bit quirky, her behavior hides a decent intelligence and overflowing creativity.


Chroma, by default, is a pale yellow unicorn. Her mane is red and orange, and her tail is blue and purple. Her eyes are a bright green, and her cutie mark is a painter's palette.

Private Life

Chroma's family moved around a lot when she was young, and thus she always had trouble fitting in at school, constantly stuck being the new filly. Her often-peculiar behavior and unique physical attributes did nothing to help her in school, and she often found herself the target of bullies. She earned her cutie mark after accidentally ruining one of her parents' prized paintings. She panicked and managed to paint a nearly-exact replica, discovering her hidden talent for art. Her family finally settled down in Canterlot not long after she finished her school tenure up, and she soon moved on to higher learning. After finishing up with an art degree, she began trying her luck at getting herself discovered in the art world. So far, she has had a slight bit of success, earning herself a few commissions, but she is always looking to improve herself and make her name more well-known. She currently lives in her own tiny apartment in Canterlot, not too far away from her parents' home.

Public Life

Chroma is not incredibly well-known as an artist yet. This is not for lack of trying, though; she has managed to get her name out enough that she has started to be contacted for commissions.


Chroma is very eccentric. She sees nothing wrong with behaving oddly in public, many of her earlier self-consciousness issues having been worked out by this point in her life. The constant teasing early in her life caused her to develop a bit of snark as a defense mechanism, and she displays this whenever the opportunity presents itself. She can also be very emotional, and it often doesn't take a whole lot of impetus for her to switch emotions. She tends to get lost in her art when she is painting, and it is often difficult to distract her.

Notable Relationships

Chroma never really made any friends during her younger days, due to a combination of her moving around so much and being shunned by her peers for her quirkiness. She did have a couple of flings while at art school, but she seems to prefer not to talk about them. Her first real close friend was TwilightSparkle, whom she met at Flyin' High. The two became good friends, a friendship which eventually blossomed into a relationship. After a while of dating, Chroma was ready to follow Twilight's carefully-planned schedule and propose to her, but Twilight broke her own schedule and proposed to Chroma first.

Chroma has become friends with most of Twilight's friends. Pinkamena has been especially friendly to her (which is no surprise, considering how friendly she is to everypony), as has Applejack. Chroma was a little wary of RainbowDashie at first, being Twilight's ex and all, but the two get along.


Chroma's magic lies in the field of art. Besides the usual telekinetic powers, she has displayed a few art-related tricks, including changing the colors of objects and drying off a freshly-painted canvas.

Along with this, Chroma possesses a passive magical ability. She is the pony equivalent of a mood ring; when she feels an emotion, her coat, mane, and tail change colors. When she is happy, she seems to stay her default colors, but she has also been seen with the following colors:

Red - Anger
Orange - Pride
Yellow - Fear
Green - Illness
Blue - Sadness
Pink - Affection
Purple - Lust

Her default colors also fade when she is exhausted.

Also, this isn't much of an ability per se, but Chroma is a horrible lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

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