Gender: Colt
Species: Earth Pony
Eyes: Green
Mane: Orange
Coat: Yellow
Cutie mark: A large apple

Braeburn is a slightly dim-witted pony from Appleloosa. While he may not be the brightest pony ever, his sense of loyalty and family are nearly unmatched.


Brae is an earth pony with a yellow coat. He has an orange mane and tail, highlighted by a bit of a yellowish-orange twinge. His eyes are a light green. His cutie mark is a large red apple. Unlike a lot of ponies, he typically is somewhat clothed, wearing a brown cowpony hat and a matching vest.

Private Life

Brae lived the majority of his life in Appleloosa, working on his family's apple orchard once he was old enough. Following his role in helping to find a solution for the conflict between the buffalo and the Appleloosans, the family started heaping more and more responsibility on his shoulders, making him rather respected around town. He started to get bored with spending his whole life in Appleloosa, though, and decided to take a vacation to Ponyville in order to visit his cousin Applejack and her friends who had come to Appleloosa with her. Since then, he's moved into Applejack's home and helps her on the farm.

Public Life

Brae's arrival in town was lauded quite a bit by his cousin, so much so that she, Pinkamena, and PinkiusPiecus planned a big "Welcome to Ponyville" party for him. He likes to get himself out and about once in a while when he's not working on the farm, and has made a fair number of friends due to his natural outgoing nature and his association with Pinkie.


Braeburn is quite a dim-witted pony. Having spent his childhood working on the farm rather than going to school, he didn't quite get the education he should have. He's not an idiot by any means, but it isn't uncommon for a simple joke or expression to pass right over his head. This fact doesn't concern him much, though; he knows what he needs to know, and ponies often find his slightly slow nature to be endearing.

Brae is a very loyal pony. He makes sure the ponies he cares for are treated well, and he has an incredible sense of family.

Notable Relationships

Brae's main link to Ponyville is Applejack and her immediate family. He has a bit of a stronger kinship with AppleCider, since she spent most of her life in Appleloosa as well. He also considers RainbowDashie, TwilightSparkle, Rarity, and Fluttershy as casual friends, considering the help they and Applejack provided towards finding a peaceful resolution with the buffalo. He developed a crush on Pinkie while the Mane Six had been visiting Appleloosa, and has been spending a lot of time with her while in Ponyville. He eventually convinced himself to ask her out to dinner, and while that wasn't considered a date, the two went on an actual date after the Running of the Leaves. Their relationship became official, and the two have been greatly enjoying their time together. Since then, their love for each other grew stronger and stronger, and after some less-than-subtle hints from Pinkie, he proposed to her, and she accepted.

Brae has become friendly with MoonDashie, having met her while proprotagonist was spending time with AJ after they started going out. Brae likes to bring Moon out with him, as even though he has no clue what she is, she is friendly and provides good company. He has also become friendly with TinyTart, a cousin he never knew he had, and has even gone to him for advice on how to talk to Pinkie (Although he hasn't seen much of him in ages). He's also become friendly with Prop, once he realized that he wasn't a statue ghost. He's also friends with Katzz, but that's a given, since you don't fight zombies with somepony and not end up friends with them. He also considers CoolBlue a good friend. Overall, he carries the Apple family charm, and thus makes friends fairly easily.

He considered RainbowDashie somewhat of a friend at first, but after learning that she and Pinkie shared crushes on each other, he became somewhat wary of her. This was only made worse when he also saw her being very physically close with Applejack. He is not particularly a fan of her, but he tries to at least act like he's okay with her for Pinkie's sake.


Brae is very rarely seen without his hat and vest, but outside of that, he has very little with him in Ponyville. Particularly notable is his telescope, a gift given to him by Pinkie once she learned that he liked looking at stars.


Brae possesses the usual strength associated with earth ponies, though not as much as his cousin Applejack. Being a member of the Apple family, he is also quite talented when it comes to the farming of and tending to apple trees. He is quite skilled at origami, a hobby he picked up at home to occupy himself on his off time. Finally, he has a sort of unnatural charisma, often charming ponies even when he doesn't intend to do so.

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