Gender: Mare
Species: Earth Pony
Eyes: Green
Mane: Yellow
Coat: Orange
Cutie mark: Three apples

Applejack is a hard-working pony who co-owns the Sweet Apple Acres apple orchard. Honest to a fault and loyal to the end, she does her best to make sure the ponies she cares about are taken care of.


AJ is an orange earth pony with a yellow mane and tail, both of which are kept tied back in ponytails (Though she has been known to braid them instead on special occasions, and often lets her mane down for certain ponies). AJ is almost never seen without her trademark brown hat, inherited from her father. She has green eyes, and freckles on her cheeks.

Private Life

AJ has lived at Sweet Apples Acres all her life, save for a very short period of time spent with her Aunt and Uncle Orange in Manehattan. She currently lives with Granny Smith, her grandmother; Big Macintosh, her older brother; AppleBloom, her little sister; proprotagonist, her fiance, and Braeburn, her cousin. She is lucky the farmhouse has a lot of room, as other ponies have also stayed there on occasion. It is unknown what happened to AJ's parents.

Public Life

AJ works on her farm nearly every day. Her usual job is apple-bucking, although she often ends up working in the market.


As the Element of Honesty, AJ is first and foremost an honest pony. This isn't to say she doesn't try her hoof at a lie here and there; when she does, though, she's so terrible at it that it is immediately evident that she is lying. This has a tendency to get her in a bit of trouble, as even little white lies are nigh-impossible for her.

AJ has an incredible sense of loyalty as well. Not only is she endlessly loyal to her friends, but she values loyalty in relationships strongly. She gets very bothered when having to deal with one of her friends being unloyal to their partner.

AJ is very attracted to wings. She finds it very hard to resist a good winghug. This often gets the better of her, especially on the odd occasion that she has more than one set of wings wrapped around her.

AJ is terrified of heights. As an earth pony, she is used to keeping her hooves on the ground, and despite her attraction to wings, the flight that comes with it isn't met as fondly at the moment.

Notable Relationships

AJ's closest friends are, not surprisingly, the other members of the Mane Six. Of the five, she is probably the closest with Pinkamena and RainbowDashie. She and TwilightSparkle tend to go to each other for advice on different matters. She has her differences in personality with Rarity, but considers her an excellent friend nonetheless. She sees a lot of Fluttershy now, and has even (unwillingly) developed a bit of a crush on her. This fact hurts her, since she loves Prop with all her heart, and knowing that she has these kinds of feelings for another pony, especially a friend as close as Fluttershy, hurts her. The knowledge that Fluttershy is interested in her does not help her guilt either. She has been relieved to see that Fluttershy has found happiness with Cheerilee, but their mutual crush still comes up once in a while.

AJ is very close with her family. She and Apple Bloom are very close, and despite the occasional arguments that can be expected between sisters, they get along very well with each other. AJ also considers Apple Cider to be almost another little sister, although their relationship is not quite as close as AJ and Bloom's. AJ and Braeburn are also fairly close, even though he does frustrate her sometimes with his impulsiveness. AJ recently met a cousin that she had never met before, TinyTart. The two haven't had a whole lot of interaction, but kin is kin, and she cares for him. She hasn't seen him in a long time though.

AJ met proprotagonist when he approached her for a job. She hired him as a delivery pony, a job which he continues to work. The two of them became very close very quickly, and after a short while of this closeness, Prop took her on a dinner date. The two made their status as colt- and marefriend official, and their relationship grew stronger and stronger. Prop proposed to her, and the two married on June 10th.

AJ is very friendly and easy to get along with, and as such, has a number of friends outside of the Mane Six and her family. AJ gets along very well with PinkiusPiecus as well, seeing as she's basically another Pinkie Pie and she gets along so well with the one she already knew. She hasn't seen her in a while though. She considers PeachiePie to be almost a pupil of hers, due to Peachie's idolization of her. She recently hired Scootaloo to do some odd jobs around the farm, as she was looking for a small source of income. She's since moved on, but she still sees her once in a while due to her friendship with Bloom and Peachie. Despite a rocky introduction, she has become friends with DustyBristle as well. She met MoonDashie through Prop, and the two consider each other as honorary family. She recently met Stargaze under not-so-positive circumstances, finding out that she was pregnant with Prop's foal from a one-night stand before he moved to Ponyville. The two had a nice conversation, though, and AJ and Prop plan on doing what they can to help Star with her situation.


Most notable of AJ's possessions is her hat, which she is almost never seen without. It has much sentimental value to her, as it was her father's hat, and messing with it is a guaranteed way to get her upset.

AJ ALWAYS has rope around, in case a lasso is needed. Because magic.


AJ, being an earth pony, compensates for her lack of fancy accoutrements like wings or a horn by being sturdy and quick. Her raw strength is respected by her peers, and she's no slouch in the speed department either. AJ is also blessed with a gift for words, and has been able to defuse tense situations with the use of what some refer to as an "epic speech."

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